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[Limited Edition] Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Amber 120ml[Limited Edition] Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Amber 120ml




5 x Any sample

1 x 5-piece Anti-Aging Activator Set

1 x Anti-Aging Activating Essence 30ml

1 x Sample Sampling Ginseng Concentrate 3.5G

1 x Cream Ginseng Mask 20g

1 x Herbal soap for sensitive skin

* Special: Apply 0% installment program for orders over 10 million (not applicable with discount voucher)

New and improved formula!

Sulwhasoo's #1 selling first essence in the market
The 5th generation JAUM ActivatorTM, the most powerful ingredient ever
Enhances skin's natural resilience every day
Improves wrinkles, hydrates, supports the protective ability of the skin barrier, and helps skin to be more radiant and clear

Product Description Anti-Aging Booster Activated Essence
- First Care Activating Serum Ex 120ml - 5th generation - 2020
The serum promotes perfect nourishment with JAUM Balancing Complex™ for a healthy glow, radiance and optimal balance.

*Product characteristics:
From more than three thousand rare Korean herbs, only five have been researched through a meticulous and sophisticated process of refining to perfect the precious JAUM Balancing Complex™ after more than 18 hours of refining and strict censorship.
With 180% more concentrated and concentrated energy than before, the new innovative balancing complex JAUM Balancing Complex™ restores and adds balance to the skin. Dry skin is caused by age, an imbalance in nutrition, moisture, metabolism and the skin's ability to self-regenerate. These cannot be solved by simply adding moisture but also by the weakest peg, restoring balance.
Use as the first step after cleansing the skin, to help strengthen and optimize the moisturizing effect. Always an indispensable first step for any skin type, even the most sensitive.


JAUM Balancing Complex™

*Recommended for all skin types

User manual:
Use every day at the first step of any skincare routine in the morning and evening after cleansing.
Pump 2~3 amount of product into palm and smooth over face. Gently press to let the product penetrate well into the skin

HSD: 3 years from date of manufacture
NSX: Printed on the packaging
Brand Origin: Korea
Place of Origin: Korea
Responsible for exclusive import and distribution: Amorepacific Vietnam Co., Ltd
Ingredients: See details on the packaging.

*About Sulwhasoo:

Inspired by the endless beauty of apricot blossoms blooming in the snow, Sulwhasoo, Korea's leading prestigious beauty brand, offers timeless beauty that conveys true aesthetic values from philosophy. philosophy of harmony and balance, body and mind, between tradition and modernity. Sulwhasoo harnesses the wisdom of the ancients, applies the immutable laws of nature to its core values, and pursues the ideal beauty based on precious natural ingredients to help bring about a harmonious and balanced beauty. between mind and body by promoting inner beauty. Sulwhasoo globally promotes holistic beauty values with legendary ingredients such as Jaum Balancing Complex™ and Korean ginseng, the application of Asian wisdom, combined with cutting-edge technology. exclusive to Sulwhasoo. By 2019, Sulwhasoo has become a truly global brand, operating in 12 countries around the world such as Korea, the United States, Canada, France, China, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, … by conveying traditional Korean beauty and values to all parts of the world.

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